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How to choose a shoe cabinet?

How to choose a shoe cabinet?

A shoe cabinet can either be an inbuilt or portable storage unit that keeps different shoes together and organized. Fight back against Shoe clutter all around your house, stay trendy, fashionable, and still taking care of your Shoes by considering the following when choosing the best shoe cabinet;

The cost

Consider the money that you want to spend before getting a shoe cabinet. The cost of the designs will vary because of their different structures, material, and sizes. For example, a plastic shoe cabinet is cheaper as compared to a wood cabinet.

The available space

Shoe space is an issue in most homes but utilizes all the available spaces in the house to install shoe cabinets. When limited by space, consider DIY shoe cabinets or the ottoman cabinet, which offers good storage yet garnishing shoe storage spaces. To get the right size of the shoe cabinet of your choice, make sure you consider where you will keep your wardrobe and the space available

Designs of different shoe cabinets

  • Cubby holes; these shoe cabinets have square or rectangular slots, which help keep your shoes organized. Shoes such as boots and gumboots may not fit into the cubbies of these cabinets. Cubby shoe is one of the best multipurpose storage cabinets for your shoes.
  • Shelves; They can be hidden behind cupboard doors and can easily fit in more pairs of shoes. If you have different shoes or boots, shelves will be your best option for a shoe cabinet because the lower shelves have a great height. Visit  https:\\\shelves\shoerack\ for more inspiration on shoe cabinets.
  • Dropdown inclined shelves; These cabinets are space-saving because they can be put behind the doors, and they are also the best when you have different types of shoes.

Open; These cabinets will be open and have small shelves where the shoes are placed on. They allow circulation of air and can hold different types of shoes because they can easily be adjusted.

Consider the above tips and select the best trendy shoe cabinet. This will organize the areas of the house that tend to get messy with shoes.


Tips for Erasing Clutter in Your Shoe Cupboard

Tips for Erasing Clutter in Your Shoe Cupboard

A shoe cabinet is an excellent choice if you fancy keeping your hallways, hallway, or other entrance neat, tidy and still peaceful. It permits for optimal storage, where you could easily tuckaway clothes, shoes, and other accessories under the cabinet doors. The shoe rack will also add beauty to your home by giving your hallway a very stylish and appealing look.

Shoe cabinets come in various types, styles and designs. You can choose among a variety of wooden finishes, like cedar, mahogany, or cherry. They also come with different number of shelves, depending on the space available. A good number of them are also equipped with locking system for optimum safety.

One of the most effective ways of storing your shoes is by using shoe cabinets, as they offer you a lot of space for storing your footwear. This way, you do not have to worry about the mess and the clutter in your hallways and entrances. When it comes to storing your footwear, remember one thing – it should always be neatly organized. Otherwise, it could cause discomfort and even damage to your feet, should they get caught in the tight spaces inside the shoe cabinets. Below are some of the effective ways of organizing your footwear storage spaces in your hallway:

Wrap the shoe cabinet around your wall. This is a great way of saving space and adding beauty to your home interior. The best thing about this is that it makes the storage box appear as if it is part of the wall itself. If you do not have any wall space, this would be a perfect storage solution. Another advantage of this storage box is that it is available at a reasonable price. All you have to do is search for the right kind of metal and wrap it around the entire unit.

A shoe cabinet with a tilt-out drawer is also an ideal storage system for your footwear. It is designed in such a way that when you open up the topmost portion, the shoes that are stored inside will be shown. Thus, this will help you determine the correct location for placing your valuable collection of footwear. In addition to the benefit of showing off your shoes, the tilt-out drawer is also a great way of eliminating the clutter in your closet or entry ways.

Lastly, another option that is worth considering for eliminating all types of clutter in the entry way of your house is the shoe cabinet with a hutch. This type of storage is specially designed to provide you with maximum protection and safety while still leaving the topmost portion of the shoe along with your shoes completely visible. Indeed, when you have a shoe cabinet with a hutch, you simply have to place your shoes inside and lock them up – there is no more need for worrying about what you are putting on the floor.

Five concepts of sustainable interior design

Five concepts of sustainable interior design

A sustainable interior design reduces the impact on the environment, conserves the world’s natural resources, reduces waste, and protects the planet for the current and future generations. Sustainability should never be treated as an add-on but as an agenda firmly at the heart of interior design. Below are five concepts to help designers and architects create sustainable interiors.

Energy efficiency

Buildings’ energy consumption is a significant contributor to climate change. Lighting, air-conditioning, and heating are major culprits, and reducing their impact is one concept of sustainable interior design. For example, designing buildings with sizable windows to allow natural light and proper ventilation can help reduce energy consumption on lighting and air conditioning, respectively.

Water efficiency

The water shortage crisis is hitting several countries; therefore, creating water-efficient designs is paramount for sustainability. Water efficiency can be achieved by applying in-built water recycling systems and safeguards that minimize water wastage. Another concept here is the installation of rainwater harvesting systems to recycle rainwater for household use.

Sustainability in style

Stemming from the many manufacturing technologies, sustainability doesn’t have to jeopardize the style or aesthetics of an interior. For example, it is possible to find cork and bamboo tiles in multiple colors, textures, and styles, all made using organic materials and dyes. Besides being as visibly impressive as the conventional wooden and ceramic tiles, they are more durable, thereby having a much lower impact on the environment.

Design for durability

Furniture affects both the aesthetics and function of a house. Therefore, to make an interior eco-friendlier, designers should ensure that the furniture used in an interior is made of natural wood or any other organic materials. Furniture sets can also be repurposed or recycled to give their life a second chance. The fast-growing bamboo is quickly becoming a favorable choice for sustainable furniture materials, and recycled metal and plastic, along with industrial waste, cork, and rattan, follow closely behind.

Using eco-friendly materials

Non-toxic and non-polluting materials should be at the top of every interior designer’s priority list when designing a sustainable interior. Although natural materials like natural stone and wood might be the obvious answer here, one must look into their availability and different renewability rates. Designers should, as such, consider quickly renewable alternatives that can also be extracted sustainably.

Creating interiors with a low environmental impact is very desirable today. You can check out Tylko’s sustainable interior design principles ( to create sustainable interiors.


Shoe Cabinets – Easy Organization for Any Home

Shoe Cabinets – Easy Organization for Any Home

A shoe cabinet may just be the perfect addition to your home. It doesn’t matter if you have a small closet space or not. It can surely help organize your stuff and take the guesswork out of your closet organization efforts. A shoe cabinet with sliding doors offer convenience, accessibility and a stylish finish. From simple one-piece units to those with multiple shelves and drawers, there are plenty of shoe cabinet options for every home and closet style.

The Gren 2-Door Shoe Cabinet from Crate and Barrel is perfect for those who live in small spaces because it has slide-out doors that open up to reveal multiple pockets and storage areas. These innovative, stylish designs come with built-in wire shelves and drop-down doors for storing shoes and virtually anything else you can dream of. Use them in your front door, laundry room or garage to eliminate clutter from your life. No matter what your style, there’s a shoe cabinet to coordinate with your home decor.

The Hammered Wood Shoe Cabinet by Crate and Barrel is another great option to help keep your feet organized. These innovative cabinets are fashioned from stained wood, have multiple drawers and a rotating rack that keeps your shoes conveniently close at hand. They’re perfect for storing casual wear such as sandals, sneakers and flip-flops while providing you with a place to store your official shoes, too. Use the revolving shoe rack for mowing the lawn or for storing sports equipment such as basketballs, tennis rackets and table tennis setters. No mowing necessary because the rack opens 180 degrees, making it a perfect place to store any kind of shoes.

Wood Shoe Cabinets by Hanes are also available in a variety of sizes and styles. With shoe racks available in both a tall and wide format, these handy organizers are sure to keep your kids’ shoes perfectly spaced out where they belong. Tall shoe cabinets have three rows of shelves while wide shoe cabinets have three rows of six shelves. A great addition to any home interior, shoe cabinets are a stylish and functional way to get your shoes where they need to be.

If your home isn’t so clean, you may want to consider a shoe cabinet with lift-up lids. Built-in shoe cabinets with tilt-out doors offer a simple solution to getting items up off the floor and into the appropriate places. Tilt-out doors can be opened in two different positions: sideways, allowing easier access to mudrooms and other areas not intended for shoe storage; or perpendicular to the wall, providing an entry way to the mudroom without taking up space in the main living area. A tilting shoe cabinet allows you to store mounds of clutter in one place while preventing you from bending down to get your footwear.

For those who prefer to store only women’s, men’s or child’s shoes, there is a shoe cabinet with just the right capacity to meet your storage needs. Some models come equipped with matles, while others offer a single or double mat with secure locking. Other models, like the bauer, have storage drawers that can hold even the largest of shoes. And while most units offer easy access to all levels of the unit, models with lift-up doors allow easy access to the highest shelves, allowing you to keep your favorite pairs of shoes out of harm’s way.